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Dental veneers in Ealing

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Transform the appearance of your teeth with dental veneers

Are your teeth stained, chipped or not perfectly aligned?

Porcelain veneers could be the perfect cosmetic dentistry solution to fix your smile. Dental veneers are a minimally-invasive technique which can be used to cover minor imperfections and make your teeth more uniform in appearance, giving you the smile that you deserve.

Porcelain veneers in Ealing at a glance

  • Porcelain veneers look just like natural teeth
  • Cover minor cosmetic imperfections to improve your smile
  • Minimally-invasive treatment
  • Strengthen your natural teeth
  • Choose from one veneer, several or a complete set
  • A long-lasting cosmetic dentistry solution

Dental veneers at IKON

  • We use the latest scanning technology to take images of your teeth, meaning no messy impressions
  • We only use leading laboratories to create bespoke veneers for our patients
  • Veneers are custom-glazed to match existing teeth, making them a natural-looking restoration
  • Treatment is provided by our experienced, award-winning cosmetic dentists
  • Conscious sedation is available for particularly nervous patients
  • Free initial consultation
  • Long-lasting smile enhancement

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The process to get dental veneers

The process to get dental veneers takes place over two appointments following your consultation.

Your initial appointment

Your first visit to our Ealing dental practice will be to prepare your teeth for your bespoke veneers. Anaesthetic will be provided as we file down some of the natural enamel of your teeth. It may also be possible for you to have conscious sedation if you are particularly anxious. 

Digital impressions and creation

Once the teeth have been prepared, digital impressions will be taken of them. These will be sent to our partner lab, where they will be used to create your veneers from the highest quality porcelain. They will also be glazed in a shade to match your existing teeth, enhancing the overall appearance of your smile. Temporary veneers will be fitted to enable you to carry on using your teeth. 

Second visit

Once the veneers are ready, you’ll be invited in for your second appointment where their fit will be checked before they are secured in place, completing your treatment. 

What are dental veneers and how do they work?

Dental veneers are thin, tooth-coloured pieces of porcelain. They closely resemble fingernails but are much more durable.

They are bonded to the enamel of your natural teeth to cover any minor imperfections, improve the colour of your teeth or make them look longer or closer together – whatever you need to improve the appearance of your smile. Before they can be fitted, a little of the natural enamel of your teeth must first be removed. This is done using anaesthetic (and conscious sedation if you need it).  

We take digital impressions of the teeth, which are sent to a leading London dental laboratory and are used to create the perfect shape and size veneer. Once this is ready, patients return to our practice to have them fitted. Depending on your requirements, you can have anything from a single veneer to a complete set.

What issues can veneers fix?

Porcelain veneers can be used to correct a variety of different cosmetic issues affecting your smile, including:

  • Surface cracks and chips
  • Staining and discoloration
  • Small gaps between the teeth
  • Adding height to undersize teeth
  • Masking crookedness or overlapping
  • Adding thickness to teeth set back in the arch
  • Creating greater uniformity across your smile

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commonly asked questions about

Porcelain veneers in Ealing

  • Am I a good candidate for dental veneers?

    Before you can receive dental veneers, you will first need to attend a complimentary consultation appointment at our Ealing, West London dental practice. This will be used to assess your suitability for this treatment. Some things that could stop you being a good candidate for dental veneers include outstanding dental work, grinding your teeth (bruxism) and smoking.

  • How long do porcelain veneers last?

    In most cases, a veneer will last for between 5 and 10 years before a replacement is required. Your IKON dentist will advise you of the best way to take care of your veneers so that they remain functional and attractive for as long as possible. This will involve brushing and flossing regularly and attending regular appointments with your IKON dental team. 

  • What happens if I want my porcelain veneers removed?

    Since enamel doesn’t regenerate, any teeth that have had enamel removed to make space for veneers will always require them to be covered in this way. 

  • Are there any habits that will affect my veneers?

    Nail biting is a very common habit that can be damaging to veneers, along with any other habits in which you might use your teeth for something other than eating – such as chewing straws or opening bags with your teeth. 

  • I’m ready to get started, what happens next?

    If you think that veneers are the right treatment to resolve your cosmetic dental issues, call our Ealing dental specialists on 020 8997 2888 today to schedule your free consultation appointment, or book your veneers consultation online.