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Specialist Teeth Straightening In Ealing

Creating perfect smiles every day

We provide a range of orthodontic care for those with teeth and bite misalignments. Talk to us about Invisalign and fixed orthodontics.

Teeth straightening at a glance

  • Free smile consultations to help you make an informed dental decision
  • State-of-the-art technology including digital smile design
  • With a range of removable aligner and fixed brace options, patients are spoiled for choice 
  • Orthodontic care and Invisalign clear aligner treatment from registered orthodontic specialist Dr Sarbjit Cholia 
  • Interest-free payment plans available 

Fixed braces and Invisalign costs

  • Metal fixed braces  - £1900 per arch
  • Clear fixed braces -   £2400 per arch
  • Lingual (inside invisible) fixed braces - £4750 per arch
  • 6 Month Smiles braces - £1475
  • Invisalign clear aligners - £3750

Payment and finance for Teeth straightening

  • Discounts available to full-time students or those under the age of 18
  • Interest-free finance packages available up to a maximum of £50,000
  • Easy online credit applications
  • Flexible payment terms to suit your budget

Your Smile, Your Way!

Modern orthodontics is the perfect way to correct a bite misalignment or straighten teeth.

Patients visiting IKON Dental Specialists here in Ealing can benefit from a range of fixed braces (orthodontics) and removable clear aligner (Invisalign) treatments to suit their needs, lifestyle and budget. Find out more below…

Teeth straightening in Ealing with fixed braces

As the name suggests fixed braces are worn over (or inside) the teeth for the duration of your treatment.

Tensioned wiring threaded through fixed brackets work to apply gentle sustained pressure on the teeth moving them to their desired position over several weeks or months. Fixed brace options include:

  • Metal (stainless steel) braces
  • Ceramic (tooth coloured) braces
  • Lingual (behind the teeth) fixed braces
  • Cosmetic (fast) braces such as 6 Month Smiles
Discover more about fixed orthodontics


Just like fixed braces, Invisalign also moves teeth by applying gentle and sustained pressure.

However, that is where the similarity ends. Instead of fixed brackets and wiring, Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear plastic aligners (trays) which are worn over the teeth in sequence a little like a mouthguard. Designed to be fully removable, they provide a level of discreetness and non-invasiveness that you don’t get from conventional fixed orthodontics.

Discover more about Invisalign

Benefits of orthodontic teeth straightening in Ealing

The position of your teeth can heavily impact the health and overall condition of your mouth. By straightening teeth, you may:

  • Feel more confident in your smile
  • Prevent uneven and unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth
  • Chew food with ease 
  • Speak more clearly and,
  • Enjoy improved oral health

How to straighten teeth at IKON Dental Specialists

While we regularly accept dental referrals for orthodontic treatments in Ealing, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Acton, Hanwell and West London we also accept patients directly.

Begin by scheduling a free smile consultation with our treatment coordinator. They will discuss your orthodontic options, talk about treatment costs and once you are ready, will schedule a meeting with Dr Cholia (our orthodontic specialist). 

At your specialist appointment, Dr Cholia will take a series of x-rays, give you a full dental examination and depending upon your treatment may also show you what your smile could look like using digital smile design (DSD) technology.

Aside from fixed orthodontic braces and Invisalign clear aligners, we can also provide custom retainers (worn after braces treatments) and other removable orthodontic appliances.

Young patients

Many children in the UK require orthodontic treatment for wide-ranging reasons, from crooked teeth, to overbites, underbites and more.

The perfect age to undergo teeth straightening is around 12-13 years while the mouth and jaws are still growing and are particularly receptive to treatment.

At IKON we are pleased to offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options for younger patients to help ensure the best compliance as well as confidence throughout their teeth straightening treatment. Children are treated in a warm and friendly manner to ensure they always feel safe and comfortable in our care, while also giving them a say in the treatment they receive.

We offer payment plans through Tabeo to help spread the cost of orthodontic treatment at our Ealing dental practice, helping to make the treatment your children require easier on your pocket.

Are you ready to straighten your smile or bite?

Call us on 020 8997 2888 or book a free smile consultation online.

Welcoming practice with super professional and friendly dentists. I recently visited Ikon Dental and Dr Bose and his team were fantastic. I am a very nervous patient in the dentist chair I was made to feel at ease and Dr Bose and his team could not have made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. Ikon dental are professional, efficient and friendly I couldn't recommend this practice highly enough.

Seba Salaghie