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Gum disease in Ealing

Gum disease treatment cost

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Our expert periodontists are able to diagnose and effectively treat gum disease.

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Diagnosis and treatment for gum disease in Ealing, West London

Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?

You could have gum disease. Gum disease is actually just as common as tooth decay, although it’s often overlooked in favour of more ‘obvious’ dental issues.

Caused by plaque spreading onto the gum tissue and causing irritation and infection, left untreated it can have serious consequences that include abscesses, gum recession and tooth loss.

Many studies have also found a corresponding link between advanced gum disease (also called periodontitis) and chronic health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Fortunately, if you spot the signs of gum disease early, it’s possible to get it under control.

Gum disease treatment in Ealing at a glance

  • Measurement of periodontal pockets to determine the extent of your gum disease
  • Prompt treatment can reverse early signs of gum disease
  • Different treatment levels based on the severity of your condition
  • Antibiotics may be recommended if you have a very serious infection
  • Surgery may be needed to remove diseased tissue and restore your gums

Gum disease at IKON

  • Specialist periodontists provide exceptional levels of patient care
  • Bespoke treatment plan based on your level of gum disease
  • We only use cutting edge laser technology for gum reshaping
  • Anesthetic is provided to ensure treatment is comfortable
  • Conscious sedation is available for anxious patients
  • Comprehensive monitoring and advice to help prevent recurrence

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What causes gum disease?

Plaque is the thin, clear and sticky substance that constantly forms on our teeth as a result of us eating and drinking.

It’s this bacteria-laden plaque that we remove when we brush and floss our teeth. However, if we don’t remove plaque effectively, it can spread onto the gum tissue where the bacteria cause irritation and eventually infection.  

Although poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of gum disease, there are other factors which make it more likely.

These include:

Symptoms of gum disease

There are a range of different symptoms associated with gum disease, many of which are subtle and easily overlooked.

They include:

Fortunately, if your gum disease is diagnosed in the earliest stages, it can be reversed fairly easily with the help of your IKON dental team. 

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commonly asked questions about

Gum disease treatment in Ealing

  • What are the different types of gum disease?

    There are primarily three different types of gum disease. These are:

    • Gingivitis. This is the earliest stage, where the only symptoms are usually slightly swollen, painful and bleeding gums. At this stage, gum disease can be reversed by improving your oral hygiene routine and attending appointments with your IKON dentist and hygienist.
    • Periodontitis. This is a more advanced stage of gum disease, where the gums start to recede and form pockets between the teeth and gums. These collect bacteria and debris and can become infected. Unless treated, the infection can cause tooth loss and penetrate the jawbone and cause it to deteriorate.
    • Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis. This is a serious form of gum disease that develops suddenly and must be treated as soon as possible. As well as the usual signs of gum disease, it’s usually accompanied by a fever and a general feeling of illness.
  • How is gum disease treated?

    The treatment that you will be offered will depend on the stage of gum disease you are diagnosed with, but could include: 

    • Scaling and root planing: this is a deep clean of your teeth, both above and below the gum line. Tooth roots are also smoothed to make it easier for the gums to reattach to them and close periodontal pockets.
    • Antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwashes: which will help counteract serious infection.  
    • Surgery: this may be required to remove diseased tissue and repair gums and any bone that has been lost. This could involve laser treatment to shape the gums, soft tissue or bone grafting. Laser treatment is considered to be safer, more accurate and less painful than conventional surgical gum reshaping. 
  • I’m concerned about gum disease, what can I do?

    If you are concerned about gum disease, our dedicated dental team would be delighted to help. Whether it’s an initial appointment that you need, or you’ve got a referral to see our specialist periodontist team, please contact our West London dental practice on 020 8997 2888 or book your appointment online. 

Great attention and care provided by dr Manish Bose and the ladies hygienists. Have had gum treatment and implants some time ago and the follow up service is just excellent.

Lourdes Gomez