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IKON CSR initiatives in Ealing

IKON Dental Specialists CSR in Ealing, West London

IKON Dental Specialists Corporate Social Responsibility

Here’s what you need to know… 

Our commitment to making positive differences, locally and globally 

Awarded the Gold Standard in Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business and as individuals, we know that our actions have an impact on the world in which we live, and the people we interact with on both a local and global scale.

We have chosen to make ourselves and our business accountable, by accepting our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way wherever it is possible.

IKON Dental Specialists – a Gold Standard CSR accredited dental practice

We are delighted to have been awarded a Gold Standard accreditation from Dental CSR – a company that was started to help dentists to address the challenge of running a socially and environmentally responsible business.

The standards used on Dental CSR have been created and developed by industry and professional experts at the very top of their field. 

As a Gold Standard dentist, we have reached a very high standard across all dental CSR areas. The three areas of CSR are:


At IKON Dental Specialists, we would be nothing without our amazing team. We have a policy of open and honest communication with all staff at our Ealing dental practice, many of whom have been with us for a decade or more. We invest in our people so that they can provide our patients with the very best care possible. We do this through prioritising their welfare, encouraging flexible working and providing paid personal development days.


We are committed to doing what we can to reduce our impact on our planet. To achieve this, we are:

  • recycling wherever we can and providing our patients with a recycling point for oral health materials
  • eliminating single use plastics where possible
  • choosing energy suppliers that use sustainable sources
  • encouraging biodiversity through planting wildflowers and shrubs and installing bird feeders in our grounds
  • reducing our own personal carbon footprint by trying to travel to work using environmentally-conscious methods, such as walking and cycling

Community and charity

We support a range of different charities, both local and dental, through donations, team fundraising and volunteering. We commit to each cause for a minimum period of at least two years, so that they have long-term support that they can rely on. 

 Some of the causes that we support include the Ealing Half Marathon (which raises significant sums for local, national and international charities), the Ealing Food Bank, The Ealing Soup Kitchen and Dentaid. Read more about these on our IKON in the community page.

Our commitments

At IKON Dental Specialists, we are committed to ensuring that we carry out our business in the most ethical way possible.

With this in mind, we are taking positive steps to employ various CSR initiatives within our practice. This includes:

  • Ensuring our energy supplier generates electricity from sustainable resources. In doing so, we can play a small role in helping to reduce the extensive gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels and are responsible for climate change.
  • Introducing a domestic dental waste bin (TerraCycle), enabling our patients to bring in their old dental products for recycling. This includes: 

    Toothpaste tubes and caps
    Manual toothbrushes
    Electric toothbrush heads
    Toothbrush plastic packaging
    Toothpaste tube plastic packaging
    Floss containers   

    Once collected, TerraCycle separates the waste by composition, which is then shredded and melted into hard plastic which is remoulded to make new, recycled products
  • Utilising recyclable and reusable equipment and materials wherever possible. This cuts down on the amount of waste going to landfill.
  • We’ve heavily invested in digital technology. Not only does this create a better experience for our patients, but the use of digital x-rays and scanners ensures that we can avoid using toxic and/or unrecyclable materials that would otherwise be needed to perform certain dental services, such as impression trays. This is much better for our environment, as well as enabling patients to enjoy faster, more efficient testing. 

If you would like to find out more about any of our CSR commitments, or to speak to us about your ideas to make our practice more socially responsible, we would love to hear from you. Please contact IKON Dental Specialists by calling 020 8997 2888.

Are you ready to take action?

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