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Extractions in Ealing

Tooth extraction cost

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Starting from £400

Painless dental extractions by award-winning dental specialists 

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Stress-free, painless tooth extractions in Ealing, West London

Although your dentist will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth, there are times where extraction really is the best option.

There are several reasons for an extraction, but it is usually only ever done to keep your mouth healthy. Tooth extraction may sound concerning, but it is actually a relatively quick outpatient procedure. Depending on the complexity of your extraction, it may be carried out by either an IKON dentist or specialist oral surgeon.

Dental extraction in Ealing at a glance

  • Simple or complex extractions
  • Remove troublesome or diseased teeth and preserve the health of your mouth
  • Anesthetic ensures extraction is a painless procedure
  • Antibiotics may be recommended if your dentist or surgeon is concerned about infection
  • Go home the same day as your procedure

Dental extraction at IKON

  • Extraction performed by highly experienced specialist oral surgeons
  • Referrals and direct patients accepted
  • Simple and surgical extractions performed
  • Conscious sedation is available for particularly nervous patients
  • Comprehensive aftercare instructions to minimise the risk of complications

I was quite nervous about having the procedure but I was very impressed with how painless and comfortable I felt throughout. Dr Cesar is extremely thorough, takes photos throughout the procedure and afterwards explains the work that had been done. I highly recommend Ikon, thank you.

Stef M

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Types of dental extraction

There are two different types of dental extraction. These are known as simple and surgical.

Simple extraction 

In a simple extraction, a tooth can simply be loosened from the socket using a special tool called an elevator which rocks it back and forth. Once the socket has been widened, forceps are used to remove it, usually in just a single or couple of pieces. 

Surgical extraction

A surgical extraction is more complex and is usually required for teeth that are impacted or have broken at the gum line. In these instances, it’s usually necessary for the dentist or oral surgeon to make a small incision into the gum to remove the tooth beneath. 

Reasons for dental extraction

There are a variety of reasons why a patient may require a tooth extraction. Some of the most common include:

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commonly asked questions about

Extractions in Ealing

  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my tooth extraction?

    Tooth extraction is rarely anything to worry about, but before your procedure, your IKON dentist will need to ensure that you are in good health, that you don’t have any outstanding surgeries or undiagnosed conditions or a weakened immune system. They will also give you specific advice for preparing for your extraction, which will include not smoking beforehand and not eating or drinking for at least six hours before your appointment. 

  • Can I drive myself home following my tooth extraction?

    If you have had anesthesia or sedation, the effects can last for some hours afterwards. You shouldn’t drive home but should arrange for someone to take you.

  • How long will it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

    Most people find that it takes a few days to feel completely normal following a dental extraction. The extraction site may be swollen and sore for several days, and you can take over the counter pain medications to help ease your discomfort. You will also want to stick to a soft diet for several days and you should relax and avoid any strenuous activity during this time. Follow the instructions given to you by your IKON tooth extraction team to minimise your risk of complications.

  • How do I schedule my tooth extraction?

    As well as recommending dental extractions where required, we also accept extraction referrals from other dentists. Our highly experienced dental specialists routinely deal with simple and complex dental cases, including extractions. To schedule your tooth extraction, contact our West London dental practice by calling 020 8997 2888 or  booking your appointment online

A very professionally run dental practice with fully digital onboarding and appointment reminder service. Front office was courteous and friendly with excellent pre-determination of procedure costs by the dentist himself.  All was done to the agreed timeline and executed to perfection. I am glad I have found this team!

Max Traeger