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Information for Dentists

Please contact us to find out more about the benefits of referring patients to IKON Dental Suite

Dentist Information

IKON Dental Suite accepts referrals from over 50 dentists in and around London

They trust us to provide an exceptional level of care and service, and know their patients will return to their care happy with their treatment.

As well as our on-site specialists, we are proud of our suite of equipment, including our CT Scanner, which means we're able to diagnose and treat patients accurately and effectively with minimal disruption.

We accept referrals by phone, letter or via our secure online referral portal, Valident. We work closely with our referring colleagues to ensure continued dental support and all patients referred to us are returned to the referring dentist and hygienist once our work is completed.

Only the prescribed referral request will be addressed. Under no circumstances will patients be allowed to be seen for routine dentistry or other non-prescribed treatments.

Our in-house equipment includes: