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Root canal in Ealing

Root canal cost 

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Stress-free, painless root canal treatment that can save
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Save an infected tooth with painless root canal treatment in Ealing, West London

Root canal probably has the worst reputation of all general dentistry treatments.

However, advances in the tools and techniques used, modern anesthetic and the option for sedation means that today, getting root canal treatment needn’t be any more stressful than getting a cavity filled. It is also the only way of saving a tooth where infection has penetrated the root.

Root canal in Ealing at a glance

  • Use of anesthetic means root canal is painless
  • The only successful method of treating an infection in the root of the tooth
  • Two-part process over two separate appointments
  • Eliminate dental pain
  • Prevent tooth loss

Root canal at IKON

  • Specialist endodontists ensure you receive exceptional patient care
  • A standalone treatment or part of a complex full mouth reconstruction
  • Performed using the latest Waterlase laser technology, which offers greater comfort, precision and accuracy
  • Conscious sedation is available for particularly nervous patients
  • Cover the affected tooth with a high quality dental filling or crown

Everything was completely painless. Now I have a complete set of teeth that look and feel completely natural. In fact they look even better than they ever did. The treatment was expensive but this quality of dental work make it well worth the money.

If you want the best most painless treatment this is the place to come.


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What is root canal treatment and when is it needed?

Root canal treatment is an endodontic treatment that is used to treat an infection in the centre of a tooth.

Root canal infections usually occur when decay has managed to penetrate the deepest layers of a tooth, or a crack or break in the tooth has allowed bacteria to reach the central layers. Antibiotics are normally unsuccessful in treating this type of infection, and root canal treatment is usually the only way to save the tooth.  

Teeth can have more than one root canal, with molars and pre-molars often have between two and four root canals, all of which will require treatment to stop the infection from spreading. 

Signs of a root canal infection include:

  • Dental pain when eating or drinking anything particularly hot or cold
  • Pain when biting, chewing or placing any sort of force on the tooth
  • Swelling of the gum near the affected tooth
  • Pus around the affected tooth
  • The tooth becoming darker in colour
  • The affected tooth becoming loose

The process of root canal treatment

Root canal treatment usually takes place over two appointments. 

During the first appointment, anaesthetic (and if required, sedation) is administered and your IKON endodontist will drill into the tooth to expose the root canals. Once these are accessible, Waterlase laser technology will be used to clear any diseased tissue from within the root canals. If an abscess has formed, this will be drained at the same time. 

When your endodontist is happy that all infected tissue has been removed, the root canals will be cleaned and widened. Special medicine may also be placed into the root canals to help destroy any remaining infection. A temporary filling will be placed onto the tooth, and you’ll be able to go home. 

Around a week later, you’ll be invited to return to our Ealing dental practice for the second part of the treatment. Here the temporary seal will be removed, and the tooth will be checked to ensure the infection hasn’t returned. 

If so, the first stage of treatment will need to be repeated.  

If the tooth remains free of infection, the root canals will be filled, and a permanent seal (filling or crown) will be placed over the tooth, completing treatment.

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commonly asked questions about

Root canal in Ealing

  • Does a root canal hurt?

    This is the most common question we are asked about root canal treatment. All root canal procedures are carried out using anesthetic, which means that root canal shouldn’t be any more painful than getting a filling. However, it’s normal for the affected tooth to be sore for a few days following treatment. 

  • Why do I need a crown after root canal?

    Where possible, the affected tooth will be sealed with just a filling. However, some patients are recommended to have the tooth covered with a crown. This is usually the case if the root canal has significantly weakened your tooth and there is a risk of it breaking. If you need a crown, you’ll be able to choose a bespoke variety that looks and feels like a regular tooth.

  • How successful is root canal treatment?

    Root canal treatment is usually very successful and is the best way of saving a tooth that has a root infection. The only other viable course of action is usually to remove the affected tooth. Our specialist endodontists are committed to doing everything possible to save your natural tooth. 

  • I need root canal treatment, what happens next?

    IKON Dental Specialities is a leading multi-speciality London referral practice. If you have been told you need root canal treatment and you would like to entrust your care to our expert specialist endodontic team, please call our West London dental practice on 020 8997 2888. Alternatively, you can schedule your consultation appointment online

I have  finally found a great dental practice. Dr Bose has done a fantastic job on  fixing my periodontal issue. Great straightforward advice on my issue and  excellent surgery have made life much better. I would sincerely recommend  this practice to anyone in the area.

Bruno Nichol