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After the tooth has gone

After the tooth has gone

You are young. You love sports. And you love your teeth. Unfortunately, you are now one or two teeth down due to that little accident you had. That’s the thing with sport, it’s never without risk.

You know better now and have ordered a mouth guard to protect you next time. But you are still missing your teeth and need to find a way to replace them that will be as little hassle as possible and last for a long time. How about dental implants in West London?

Dental Implants in West London

Your dentist may not offer dental implants in West London, but we do here at Ikon Dental Suite in Ealing. We also act as a referral dentist, which means that your dentist can refer you to us for treatment. You can also refer yourself, of course.

What are dental implants in West London?

Dental implants are the only method of tooth replacement that give you back the entire tooth, root as well as crown. Your replacement root is a short post or screw made of titanium that we insert into your jawbone. The bone grows new tissue all over it, which holds it so securely in place that you will be able to eat whatever you like once your treatment is complete.

Having replacement roots helps conserve the strength and density of your jawbone too. Without dental implants, the area of bone around the lost tooth will deteriorate and shrink away; not something you want when you are young.

What about crowns?

Crowns are the white part of the tooth used for biting and chewing. We use dental porcelain to make crowns that will be indistinguishable from your own teeth.


Looking after dental implants in West London is easy. You just need a rigorous cleaning routine, twice a day, along with regular hygienist sessions. Your aim is to stop any build-up of plaque, which can eat away at your gums and bone thereby loosening the implants.

If you can manage that, and everyone can, your implants may last for decades, and maybe even the rest of your life.

A sound investment, along with that mouth guard, of course.

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