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Brilliant, versatile, long-lasting dental implants in Ealing

Brilliant, versatile, long-lasting dental implants in Ealing

Having lost some or all of your teeth, you are faced with 3 options for replacement. You get to choose between dentures, fixed bridgework and dental implants. In Ealing, at Ikon Dental Suite, we are seeing an increasing number of patients opting for dental implants. These patients come from our own practice, but many are also referred from other practices that do not currently offer dental implants.

Dental Implants in Ealing

Being a referral practice means that we are approved as a dental implant provider by our colleagues. Knowing that other dentists trust us to do a good job allows you to relax and know that you are investing your money well.

But why do so many people choose dental implants in Ealing these days? There are some great benefits to be had from this method of tooth replacement that you cannot get with either dentures or fixed bridgework.

Teeth have 2 parts; they have a crown, which is the white part you can see that does the biting and chewing, and they also have a root. The root is anchored with fleshy ligaments into the socket, keeping the crown stable when you bite and chew. When your teeth meet together, as they do hundreds of times a day, the resultant vibrations that emanate into the area of bone around the tooth tell it to keep renewing itself because the teeth are still in use.

Lose that root and you have to find another way to make the teeth stable. Dentures rely on adherence to the gums, and give about a quarter of the chewing power. Fixed bridgework relies on piggy-backing on the roots of neighbouring teeth, which have to be ground down to have buttress crowns put over them.

Dental implants in Ealing give you full chewing power, superior stability and keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Plus, they are versatile. One dental implant can hold up to 3 crowns on a bridge, and you can get an entire arch replaced with just 4-6 implants. We even have a way to use dental implants to stabilise wobbly dentures, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

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