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Building trust

Building trust

So, you are lying back in a chair staring at a bright light and a ceiling, with your mouth open and two people staring down at you, holding metal implements. As you imagine that scenario, how do you feel? A bit nervous? This is a normal reaction to being in such a vulnerable position, even for dentists. That’s why, when you visit us as your dentist in Ealing, we will do everything we can to reduce that perfectly normal feeling of vulnerability and trepidation.


At Ikon Dental Suite, we work hard to build a relationship of trust between ourselves and our patients. When you choose us as your dentist in Ealing, we want you to be able to come through our doors and feel relaxed and to stay relaxed throughout your time with us. From the moment you step inside our dental clinic, you will be surrounded by friendly and supportive people; people who know that being scared of the dentist is normal, and that actually about 13% of people around the world have a dental phobia.

We want you to have a wonderful, healthy smile for your entire lifetime and we know that the only way that’s going to happen is if you take really good care of your teeth and mouth and come in for regular check-ups and cleanings.

And we also know that the only way that is going to happen is if you feel comfortable and relaxed and that is why we work very hard to build up the trust between you and us. The more familiar you become with us and the practice environment, the easier it is to visit. But only if you like us and feel that you can talk to us about any issues or fears or desires without getting a feeling that you are being judged. As dentists, there is nothing to do with oral healthcare that we have not seen or heard before, so please rest assured that we are unshockable.

What we want to give you the smile that makes you happy, relaxed and full of self-confidence. We know how important a smile is for all these things and that’s why we love being a dentist in Ealing.

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