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Dental implants in Ealing: one of the best ways to replace lost teeth

Dental implants in Ealing: one of the best ways to replace lost teeth

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, we’ve seen first-hand the pain and difficulty caused by missing teeth. We know what a big impact it can have on your lifestyle and your self-esteem. We’ve also been privileged enough to see the delight when a patient gets back a full set of sparkling teeth, and a smile they can feel proud of again.

Dental implants in Ealing are one option we are very happy to offer to restore teeth because we feel it is one of the best.

Dental Implants in Ealing

Secure and durable

Dental implants in Ealing offer a long-lasting and stable restoration for your missing teeth. With a proper oral health care routine, they can last for many years and even decades.

Implants are replacement tooth roots that are fixed into your jawbone. They are made of titanium for two reasons: it is very hard-wearing and so will last for many years and it has this fantastic property of being able to bond with bone.

The body views titanium as natural tissue rather than a foreign object. Because of this, it grows blood vessels and bone tissue around the implant, securing it in place as well as a natural tooth. This prevents the facial sagging that happens with tooth root loss, and also means that implants can withstand the heavy forces of chewing – something which isn’t possible with dentures or bridges, which is why you need to cut out crunchy and chewy foods.

Other benefits

There are other benefits to having dental implants in Ealing. Because they are fixed in the mouth, unlike traditional dentures, there is no slipping and sliding around and difficulty pronouncing certain words.

You clean them as you would your natural teeth and unlike bridges, they don’t rest on surrounding teeth, so you can clean in between each tooth.

In short, they are almost as good as your natural teeth. And once you’ve had a replacement crown fitted on top, no one would know that they weren’t your own set.

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To find out more about this stable and long-lasting tooth replacement solution, give us a call or drop into the surgery and find out how you can get back your fully radiant smile.

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