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FoodSwitch UK

FoodSwitch UK

Although the official National Sugar Awareness Week 2021 has been postponed, we are promoting ways to reduce your sugar intake.

Everyone is at risk of tooth decay, but children and adolescents are most at risk. Dental caries are the most common cause of tooth loss in young people and people who regularly consume sugar have a higher risk of developing dental caries, particularly if the food they eat is sticky or consumed in between mealtimes.

Sugars-containing snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages have particularly bad effects on teeth.

For example, a switch from a high sugar drink to a lower alternative could save you over a kilogram of sugar a month; the equivalent of 280 teaspoons.

FoodSwitch is free award-winning SmartPhone app that helps you make healthier choices regarding not only sugar content, but also salt content and fat content of well-known products.

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