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Forget you’ve got false teeth with dental implants in Ealing

Forget you’ve got false teeth with dental implants in Ealing

If your replacement teeth don’t fit properly, if they get bits caught under their plate, if you have to take them out at night and put them in a glass to soak, if you have to buy adhesive for them, if they click when you speak or yawn, you are hardly likely to ever relax about them and forget they are there.

Dental Implants in Ealing

If your false teeth are anchored into your jawbone, if they don’t slip around when you talk, or get food trapped under them, and if all you have to do to look after them is brush and floss like you do with normal teeth, then you stand a good chance of having long periods when you forget they are not your real teeth. Days at a time even. Wouldn’t that be great?

Not only great, but entirely possible if you get your lost teeth replaced with dental implants in Ealing from us at Ikon Dental Suite.

Dental implants in Ealing can let you forget all about them because of the way they are inserted into the jawbone. We create special channels in your jawbone and put them in, under the gum. Then, after period of healing that takes 2-6 months, they will be so firmly anchored into the bone that there’s no chance of them slipping around.

The implants are anchored because the bone responds to the titanium from which they are made like it is another part of the body. The bone grows new tissue all over the implants and it is this that holds them in place as firmly as if they were real teeth.

You will have the power to eat whatever you like with no slippage. Plus, your jawbone will stay strong and healthy and not deteriorate as it does when there is no root in the bone to stimulate cell renewal.

As for maintenance, you can treat your dental implants more or less like you would your real teeth. They don’t come out at night, so there’s no soaking to be done, just a thorough brush and floss and regular trips to the hygienist.

Are dental implants in Ealing right for you? Come in for a consultation to find out more.

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