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Happy smiles for life

Happy smiles for life

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, your dentist in Ealing, we are dedicated to your smile. Our mission is to create healthy, happy smiles for life and provide our patients with the skills and knowledge to maintain excellent oral health.

One of the areas of dentistry we focus on is gum health. Without the gums and jawbone, the teeth have nowhere to live, so maintaining them is essential. More teeth are lost because of gum disease than tooth decay, so if you want to keep your teeth for life, taking care of your gums needs to be an integral part of your oral healthcare routine.

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Brushing the gums when you brush your teeth can help to keep them in good condition. There are certain groups that need to pay special attention to their gums, such as those with diabetes, smokers and pregnant women. Pregnancy hormones increase the risk of gum disease so extra check-ups with your dentist in Ealing during this time are recommended.

Another area of focus is dental implants. Implants have been used by dentists for 40 years to replace missing teeth and they are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they are such a fantastic replacement for natural teeth, as they restore both the root and the crown. This makes them stable and long-lasting – well-maintained implants can last for decades.

The reason implants are so secure is that the body grows around them, fixing them in place in the jaw, just like a natural tooth. Implants are made from titanium, a miraculous metal that the body views as natural tissue. It grows blood and bone vessels around the implant, integrating it into the jawbone, providing a stable chewing foundation for a replacement tooth.

And dental implant technology just keeps evolving. We can replace a whole arch on just 4-6 implants and fit new teeth on them in the same day. The implants will still need to go through the healing process, but you don’t have to be without new teeth while that happens if you opt for Teeth in a Day.

Call us today and find out how we can help you maintain a lovely smile for life as your dentist in Ealing.

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