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Helping you hang onto your teeth

Helping you hang onto your teeth

If you are looking for a dentist in Ealing with a special interest in helping older patients find solutions to failing teeth then look no further than our team at Ikon Dental Suite.

We know how important it is to have teeth that work really well, and also, that, as you get older, problems that may have been quietly brewing for a good while start to show up. Gums can be a real issue as we age, for example.

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Gum disease is a stealthy oral disease. Its early stages are really hard for patients to spot because there is no pain, which is why having a good dentist in Ealing can make all the difference to your gums.

It’s pretty simple to deal with the early stages of gum disease but not easy as it progresses. Acids from bacterial plaque and tartar on your teeth attack the gums, then inflame and irritate the gums and they can become swollen and red and perhaps even bleed when you brush your teeth. Also, the gums pull away from the teeth, creating pockets in which the bacteria that cause plaque can hide away. The acids they give off as they feed on the sugars in your mouth then start to attack your jawbone under your gums. They eat it away and after some time, your teeth can become loose and eventually fall out. You may also find you have become more sensitive to hot and cold.

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, we treat and reverse the effects of gum disease on your bone and gums. We use Emdogain, an innovative product from Sweden made of tooth enamel protein. We put it onto the root surface of your teeth and after a while your body starts to recognise it and use it to replace lost fibres and tissues, re-anchoring your teeth and giving you your gums back. You can expect to see results after about three months.

To find out more about how this dentist in Ealing can help your turn back time for your gums, call for a consultation. We’d love to help you feel better about your teeth.

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