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How a periodontist in Ealing can help you

How a periodontist in Ealing can help you

A periodontist is a dentist who is interested in the gums, the surrounding tissues that support them and the different conditions that affect them. As well as focusing on prevention, periodontics can also treat gum disease, place dental implants and deal with inflammation.

At Ikon Dental Suite, our periodontist in Ealing can restore the appearance and health of your infected, badly decayed or missing teeth. We provide a wide range of treatments ranging from deep cleanings and root scaling to dental implants.

Periodontist in Ealing

What are the benefits of seeing a periodontist in Ealing?

Though most patients will visit a regular dentist for prevention and routine dental work, certain patients require extra care and attention to detail. People who suffer from chronic inflammation and are susceptible to gum disease, should see our periodontist in Ealing. Not only do we specialise in gum care, but we can also help you prevent tooth and gum loss.

Gum care is important

Brushing and flossing daily will help most people keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy for longer. However, only a dentist can maintain teeth and gums free from plaque. If bacteria have created deep pockets inbetween your gums, your periodontist in Ealing will provide deep cleaning in the form of scaling and root planning. This procedure, which is completed in two or more stages, will ensure that plaque and bacteria will be removed from inbetween your teeth and that the health of your gums will be restored. Root planning, in particular, will smooth the roots for your teeth so that gum tissue can reattach without problems.

Nobody can do dental implants better than a periodontist

Periodontists also specialise in the placement, care and maintenance of dental implants. Their deep, anatomical understanding of the teeth, the gums, and the jaw, help them create a personalised treatment plan for each patient. Periodontists can also determine whether dental implants are necessary. Our periodontist will examine your teeth carefully and determine whether they should be replaced with dental implants or saved. In some cases, bridges or dentures may be a better alternative to dental implants (i.e. because of extensive tooth loss).

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