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We’re all gums about gums

We’re all gums about gums

What puts a smile on your face? A good night out with friends? Binge-watching your favourite TV show at home? At Ikon Dental Suite, ensuring our patients have healthy gums is what makes us smile. Often overlooked, your gums are essential to keeping your teeth secure and strong enough to handle all that chewing, eating, talking and laughing you do all day. Our periodontist in Ealing has spent years learning all about how best to take care of your gums, keeping them free from disease, so you can keep on smiling.

Periodontist in Ealing

So why would you ever need to visit our periodontist in Ealing?

Gum disease is more prevalent than you think

Most adults in the UK have gum disease, according to the NHS. You may have mild gum disease right now and just not know it. It is likely that at some point you will experience early stage gum disease, known as gingivitis. If untreated this can lead to more severe gum disease, known as periodontitis.

Gingivitis can make eating uncomfortable

Signs of gingivitis include red, sore and/or swollen gums. This is because they are inflamed. That inflammation comes from acids released by bacteria that live in your mouth. Daily brushing and flossing, on top of regular cleanings at the dentist, are usually enough to keep these bacteria in check. High sugar diets, a less than diligent oral hygiene routine or missing your regular dental check-ups, provide opportunities for these bacteria to thrive. When they do, gum disease ensues and that can make enjoying a meal increasingly hard as your gums become sensitive.

Periodontitis can cause you to lose teeth

When gingivitis goes unchecked, bacteria can start attacking not just your gums but the ligaments that support your teeth too. Pockets will start to form between your gums and teeth, causing your teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. And tooth loss brings a whole host of other problems, from difficulty eating and speaking to changes in your facial structure.

So, if you want to keep your teeth firmly in place and continue to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and all those snacks in between, then you’ll be in need of our periodontist in Ealing.

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