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Why choose a periodontist in Ealing for dental implants?

Why choose a periodontist in Ealing for dental implants?

Periodontists are dentists whose work focuses on all things that affect the gum tissue, including the planning and placement of dental implants. If you wish to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you need a periodontist rather than a general dentist.

Periodontist in Ealing

At Ikon Dental Suite, we are passionate about dental implants and we have placed many successfully over the years. Our periodontist in Ealing has the ability and expertise to handle all types of implant problems – from single missing teeth to more complicated tooth loss issues. To ensure the highest standard of care, we use the latest techniques and technology in implant dentistry.

A periodontist in Ealing has extensive training in dental implants

For any dentist to become a periodontist, they need to receive an additional three years of training once they finish the dental degree. This training focuses on the planning, management and operation of dental implants. Periodontists are also trained to perform oral surgery on a regular basis. Not only are they capable of evaluating the condition of the gum and the surrounding bone tissue, but they are also knowledgeable of the procedures required for placing dental implants. Moreover, at Ikon Dental Suite, we do not remove teeth unless it’s absolutely necessary. Your periodontist in Ealing can easily tell if a tooth can be saved after examining your mouth.

Reduced risk of implant failure

While dental implants are very successful in restoring missing teeth and implant advancements have decreased failure rates considerably in recent years, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. However, our periodontist in Ealing has the training, knowledge and experience to avoid problems that could lead to implant failure. Even if something comes up during or after surgery, chances are that we can deal with it effectively.

Faster healing

We firmly believe that with greater knowledge and experience comes greater speed and competence. At Ikon Dental Suite, we use technology to pre-plan dental implants and avoid unnecessary procedures during the surgery. This means that we know where to place the dental implants in advance, further reducing any trauma to the neighbouring tissues.

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