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Why dental implants in Ealing?

Why dental implants in Ealing?

Crowns, bridges and dentures have been developed to not only replace the aesthetic look of your teeth, but also to replace some of their function. With 15 million people worldwide wearing these type of restorations, it’s worth looking at what they can and cannot do as a replacement of your natural teeth.


Dental Implants in Ealing

Crowns sit on top of partially remaining teeth and are cemented in place. They are made from porcelain, resin or metals such as gold. They cover damaged, cracked or partial teeth, securing and protecting what is left, including the root. They can hide damage and restore teeth to look and feel like new. Although they cannot replace missing teeth by themselves, they often are used to help hold a bridge in place so that the bridge is secured fully.


Bridges are made from a row of crowns. The middle crown will fill the gap that the missing tooth has left behind, whilst the adjacent crowns will fit onto your natural teeth, securing the middle crown. The bridge is cemented onto your surrounding natural teeth to create strength.

Dentures or false teeth

Dentures are used to replace several teeth through to all of your teeth. The denture is precision-made to fit snugly onto your gum, so that it doesn’t move.

Thanks to new materials and techniques being developed, our dentists at Ikon Dental Suite can make them look incredibly natural, blending into your surrounding natural teeth. However, dentures do have some distinct disadvantages as they do not replace the root of your tooth.

The only dental treatment that can do this is dental implants in Ealing. The roots provide strength and stability to your teeth, anchoring them in place and also maintaining a healthy jawbone. When they are lost, the jawbone shrinks, which means replacements such as dentures will become loose.

Since dental implants in Ealing replace the root using a titanium screw that is biocompatible, non-corrosive and irritant-free, the bone continues to grow naturally and it can act as an anchor for crowns, bridges and dentures. This not only ensures longevity of replacement, it also makes them as strong as your natural teeth, fully replacing bite action.

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